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One of the things Rachel Aziani prides herself on is being extremely assessable to her members, whether it be a internet chat, her daily XXX cam shows or her daily blog posts, her members will always feel as if they know her personally.

Rachel Aziani’s Blog is always filled with super sexy content sure to keep you entertained.  Busty Rachel’s blog is filled with tons of special photos with detailed descriptions of the post.  Below I have posted examples from Rachel’s blog for you to enjoy!

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Below are examples of some recent Rachel Aziani blog entries…

Rachel Aziani in hot stringy boots!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-09-19
Ok Ok..I have to admit I was a little horny before this photo shoot, but got crazy horny during it. I had this little tingle “down there”..it felt so good. Now let’s see if I can get you to tingle down there as well. I bet I can! The camera and I had a connection during these photos for sure! Enjoy!

Busty Rachel in big red boots and her glass toy!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-09-12
Just look at these sexy red boots..they are so hot!! Not to mention the beautiful waist cincher. Smoking hot outfit! I just love the way it makes my body look..my hourglass figure! Of course no panties or bra. What could be sexier than that? I was feeling so horny…so turned on! You’ll see as I get out my glass toy!

Rachel Aziani and her bald pussy!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-09-05
Nothing like a slow sexy striptease to get me all hot and bothered. How about you? I made sure to show you every inch of my horny body…touching and caressing it the entire time.

Rachel Aziani in black teddy and stockings!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-08-23
You all should know by now how much I love corsets, this is the next best thing. (my opinion) I think every woman should own at least one waist cincher! Of course add the sexy thigh highs & heels…you will make someone very happy! That was exactly my intention here..not only was I horny, but my goal was to make you horny too!

Rachel Aziani is just sooo sexy...nice dress too!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-08-15
Ok..so this is a very hot outfit I could wear anywhere (except I might want to add a bra) LOL! You think? So classy and sexy at the same time. As much as I loved it, I just had to do a little striptease for you all. I think it was even more fun taking it off. Clothes are nice, but naked is much better!

Rachel Aziani rams herself with a big dildo!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-08-06
A girl can fantasize, right? Nothing wrong with having two dildos at once. M’m M’m! I had my lips wrapped around my cock like toy giving one hell of a blowjob while I played with the other cock like toy in my wet, extremely turned on pussy!

Busty rachel sure is hot in black!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-08-01
I love these shoes, they are my favorite high heels! I have so many shoes (like most girls) but something about these particular heels that show off my french pedicure (to all you feet guys) and tie up my legs (for all you leg guys)..I got you covered! What I love about this new little black dress …not only is it comfortable & sexy…but I don’t have to wear a bra or panties. That is what I call perfection!

rachel aziani is one hot cowboy!
Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-07-25
I wanna be a cowboy baby!! Or should I say cowgirl?  Sex was just pouring from me in this shoot. I could feel it big time…the connection was there between the camera & I! Not to forget the ones that really matter…that would be YOU! Hope you will enjoy your little cowgirl photos!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-07-18

A special thanks to “Rusty” for this amazing outfit. A ~chic~ tuxedo, I love it! (not to mention the cool hat) I have to admit I have never seen any costume quite like this before. He requested a slow sexy striptease..so here you go. This is for all of you out there! Thanks for sharing Rusty! Hope you will enjoy!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-07-09
Buzz got extremely excited while I was masturbating with my cock like toy. I could see his cock getting nice & hard in his pants. After I had an incredible orgasm..I invited him over for some fun of his own. I sucked his cock until he couldn’t hold back any longer…giving me a nice load in my mouth.

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-07-04
I was ready to hit the town! All dressed up in my sexy heels and red dress. One small problem…my dress was completely see thru. I would love to wear it out in public and see the reactions…that would be priceless. I decided the smart thing to do was show you all..take some photos and let you decide.  Thoughts?

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-06-30
A big thank you to “Jeff” for the beautiful shirt and so sexy high heels! I was feeling really kinky in this video. I don’t know what possessed me to rub my high heel all over my wet pussy, I guess I was just caught up in the moment. I just did whatever felt good at that moment and made it happen from there.

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-06-27
I was shopping at the mall the other day when I ran across this sexy corset. Corset always make me feel so feminine/so “womanly”…guess my body was made for them. My hourglass figure, big natural boobies and hips. I recently had a request for black panties…so here you go!! You know who you are. *wink* Enjoy!!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-06-20
I just love the way the hot sun feels on my skin! I woke up in my hotel room and just had to take some photos on the patio! It was such a beautiful morning that I had to share. The patio didn’t have much privacy so when someone drove or walked by I had to hurry and put my robe on. It was funny! Well worth the risk! Hope you will enjoy them..I did!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-06-13
Oh nothing like lounging in bed totally naked…what a great feeling! Nice comfy sheets, down comforter and pillows. Makes it hard to get up out of bed. I made sure to give you lots of super sexy photos in this set, not leaving out any part of my body!

Busty Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-05-30
I want to give a special thanks to “Kroy” for my new t-shirt! He had an awesome visit to the East coast and thought of me! Ahhh, how sweet..thank you!! It fits so nice & snug..holding my big natural boobies in place (no bra) and it is one of my favorite colors. I put on some sexy new heels to show off my pink toes and a short mini skirt to make the perfect summer outfit! I love NY!!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-05-23
I found this cute outfit the other day when I was shopping. I love overalls…and better yet it is a short skirt! Ooops I forgot my shirt & panties too!  Talk about natural…my big natural boobies were peeking out on both sides. Shock? Yes I know. hehe! I forgot my shoes too, I had my little toes painted pretty pink. A must see photo set! I had a blast!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-05-16
The see thru white panties are back! Of course a new pair..every opportunity I get to buy new ones..I will! I know how much you love them! Yes I know I wear a lot of sexy clothes & lingerie..some that I can not even go out in public wearing. However, this outfit is not only sexy, but so classy. Didn’t have it on long..but still! HA!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-05-09
Nothing like taking a bubble bath outside!! This awesome resort in Phoenix that I shot in had a bathtub on the outside patio..nice! It was pretty private, except with the lights shinning so bright. ha! That’s ok, I didn’t care! The hot water & bubbles felt so good on my skin, my entire body was so relaxed. Lots of unique photos to see!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-05-06
Do you want to know more about me? About Rachel? Well this is the video for that!! I did a documentary for a Pay Per view special and here it is!! A little more into my life, my personal life. This was from Nov/Dec of 2004 so times have changed a bit since the filming. Guess it just takes that long for things to finish. Hope you will enjoy this video, any questions? Let me know!

Rachel Aziani Blog – 2006-04-22
Some hot and steamy masturbation going on in this bed. I told you how sexy lingerie makes me feel, well..now let me show you. Nothing like a beautiful corset with matching panties. (Thx to “JT”)…and of course my new toy! You will be amazed by the quality of this video. Watch and See!

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